Welcome to The Pagan Way, a pagan educational and networking resource. This blog is a place we can publish information on philosophy, religion and the like. Some of it is mine, some my family’s and some is material from others, properly attributed where possible. Click on any of the links above to go to the respective sections.

In the mid ’90s through 2000, with the help of many others I ran a small IRC chat room on DALnet called #Pagan_Way. I did this because #Wicca on the same network became very crowded and while the information was there, it was nearly impossible to get, or it was limited to a specific tradition. Many websites and blogs seem to have the same problem today. One of the things we plan to do with this blog is create a simple guide to either first degree initiation, solitary practice, or simply allowing an outsider to understand the way we do things. It will highlight aspects of Pagan beliefs and explain them in detail. We do not recruit, but at the same time we do consider these observations to be correct from our point of view, and are willing to teach.

If you are 15 years old, saw The Craft a few too many times, and are looking for a spell to make you have good grades or have someone fall madly in love with you, you probably won’t get what you want, but you may find what you need. You are welcome to read and learn, though any formal lessons will have to wait until you have reached legal majority.

A note to parents… We are parents and grandparents ourselves. All the content and practices described here is what we consider to be “family safe”. We will be developing parts of this site for kids, though admittedly it’s not our top priority. If the discussion of witchcraft and pagan beliefs is an issue, you are the one responsible for where Junior goes on the web, not me.

Should someone find a fault with some piece of writing, or simply wants to chat about something, we’re all ears. We believe there is much to learn from free, honest, and open discussions, but understand the standard Pagan warning label: “Your mileage will vary”. Flaming will not be tolerated, as nothing can be gained by it.

If you wish to proselytize, I have no problem with that. Yep, you read that right. Please bear in mind that I have studied Christianity in many forms, and have read the Bible many times, even quoting it frequently (Proverbs and John especially… good stuff!). I have likely been Pagan longer than you have been alive, seeing as how I’m an old fart. This does not make me better or worse than any, but it gives me a unique perspective and makes it rather unlikely that I will change.

Now that all that is out of the way, feel free to read, learn and respond. This blog will be updated sporadically, sometimes multiple posts per day, sometimes a dry spell may last a week or two.

-Ulf Joronen

Regarding the photo… This photo was taken from one of my favorite hiking spots. The location is regarded as sacred by several native-american tribes and is known to them as the lungs of the earth. It is a place of stark beauty and semi-tame wildlife, but more recently it has become known for many missing hikers and several deaths. Treat her with respect and you will see wondrous things. Loose that respect, and mother nature will eat your lunch. It’s a macrocosm of the relationship between man and his home planet.

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